You Mean I Have to Make Up My Own Titles Now?

I was actually planning to set up a web page while I was writing garden articles for the Kitsap Sun as an outside contributor. I wanted a place where you could always find my links, plant sale info, events, and other things I had written about. Now, thanks to unfortunate budget realities, I have more time to actually do this site completely unfettered by having to deal with people giving me money.

Plus now I get to pay closer attention to my spelling and grammar since I no longer have an editor. I think I did a decent job before or at least my editor never complained. Now you the reader can judge my English skills for yourself. If you find a problem here, please forgive me; I'm writing this in somewhat of a hurry so that when you all come here to read after my farewell article in the Kitsap Sun, there will actually be something at this website. And it's after 10pm as I write this and I'm a little sleepy.

Mostly my newspaper column consisted of me mumbling on about various gardening or plant related topics. Occasionally though I wrote something actually useful like upcoming plant sales or various garden events. I tried to carry on some of the practices started by the amazing Peg Tillery, my predecessor at the Kitsap Sun and West Sound Home & Garden Magazine (I still write for the magazine by the way). It seems many of you actually look forward to the plant sale list every year.

Since I'm not sure that sale list or other events will continue in the newspaper, I will list them here. Check out the 2019 Plant Sales page up above under the title. At some point in the near future, I will add a place for upcoming events as well. So please, please, please, if you have sales, events, tours, etc that are garden, plant, or nature related, please let me know so I can possibly list them here for readers. I only accept submissions from non-profits, garden clubs, or other non-commercial entities and the final determination of what I list will be 100% up to me.

And of course I will write the occasional article here. Hopefully with not too many spelling errors.

And as always you can contact me at


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